Protect Autoimmune Patients from COVID Vaccine Dangers

“Have you been vaccinated?” That question could determine whether you can get into restaurants, movie theaters, schools, workplaces, shopping centers, airports—even neighbors’ homes. This unfairly discriminates against those who have a legitimate medical concern that prevents them from getting vaccinated. A newly released white paper from our friends at ANH International lays out the evidence showing that tens of millions of people with autoimmune conditions—or with a genetic predisposition to autoimmunity—are at increased risk for serious illness from COVID vaccines. The US government refuses to recognize these dangers. We’re launching an international campaign to allow these patients to refuse a medical procedure that puts them in harm’s way without relegating them to the status of second-class citizens.

Write to the FDA and CDC, telling them to: 1) change their current guidelines to warn autoimmune patients or those at risk for autoimmune disease against receiving the COVID vaccine, and 2) include a contraindication for autoimmune patients for COVID vaccines that receive emergency use authorization or full FDA approval.


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Protect Autoimmune Patients from COVID Vaccine Dangers

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