More Data Before COVID Vax Get Full Approval!

A number of weeks ago, our friends at ANH International released a white paper detailing how autoimmune patients are at an increased risk of serious adverse events from COVID vaccination. As such, autoimmune patients have a legitimate medical reason to seriously consider not receiving the COVID vaccine, despite strong societal pressure to do so in order to fully participate in the re-opening of the country. Part of the reason for this caution is that there is still so much we don’t know, as these vaccines were developed and authorized under an accelerated timeframe. This lack of data makes informed decisions about risk and benefit difficult, if not impossible, for many patients, including autoimmune patients. 

This position is reinforced by a petition submitted to the FDA by a group of highly respected, credentialed experts asking for at least two years of data before the FDA considers granting full approval to COVID vaccines. Write to the FDA in support of this critically important effort!


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Please obtain more data before COVID vaccines receive full approval

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