Don't Let the FDA Ban Weight Loss Supplements!

In 2008, drug giant GlaxoSmithKlein filed a so-called Citizen Petition with the FDA. The petition asked the FDA to stop supplement producers from making any weight loss claims at all. If the FDA agrees, supplement competition for weight loss drugs will be wiped out in one stroke.

Just because the FDA hasn’t ruled on the Glaxo petition in over two years doesn’t mean it’s a non-issue. Far from it. The FDA often waits for years before responding. We need to remind the FDA that we’ve still got our eyes on Glaxo’s underhanded attempt to foist even more pharmaceutical monopoly on us. Please keep the pressure on. Tell the FDA you will not allow pharmaceutical companies to use the Citizen Petition process for their own financial gain.


  • Stephen Ostroff


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Stop the FDA giving Glaxo a Monopoly on Weight Loss Products!

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