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Standardized medical-coding systems ensure the timely and accurate electronic processing of insurance bills and claims.  Currently, the allopathic community utilizes CPT codes.  CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) aer owned by the American Medical Association and which used to identify procedures, products, supplies, and services.   However, a majority of alternative treatments do not have a designated code; as a result, alternative care is at a disadvantage.  That is where ABC coding comes into play.

The ABC coding system identifies services, remedies and/or supplies provided by non-medical doctors working in professions such as nursing, behavioral health, alternative medicine, ethnic and minority care, midwifery and spiritual care.  ABC codes fill a gap in the medical community’s coding systems and complement existing code systems used in the allopathic setting.

ABC has been employed successfully in over 2 million claim transactions at a cost benefit of 50 percent. We believe ABC codes should be made available to any willing healthcare-providing entity in order to process insurance claims more efficiently.

Please contact Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to urge acceptance of the ABC coding system, which will increase consumer access to complementary and alternative treatments for nonacute care.









  • Secretary Kathleen Sebelius


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