Express Your Concern over AP Bias Against Integrative Medicine

In support of efforts by Natural News to ensure balanced reporting on integrative medicine, we request that you voice your concerns over biased Associated Press (AP) reporting and help educate them about the great benefits from integrative and alternative therapies.

According to Natural News, “The Associated Press continues its assault on alternative medicine, led by writer Marilynn Marchione who writes attack pieces on everything under the sun (including the sun itself) related to alternative medicine and natural therapies. The Associated Press continues to publish stories carrying this highly-opinionated (and provably false) header: ‘EDITOR'S NOTE: Ten years and $2.5 billion in research have found no cures from alternative medicine. Yet these mostly unproven treatments are now mainstream and used by more than a third of all Americans. This is one in an occasional Associated Press series on their use and potential risks.’ ”

Mainstream media is quite partial to conventional medicine for numerous reasons, such as the large sums of money received from Pharma for advertising!  To counter the favoritism, we are encouraging AP to engage in balanced reporting on both conventional and alternative medicine.  The partiality demonstrated in the news is one example of the vicious cycle that discriminates against integrative treatments.  State medical boards continue to pursue integrative practitioners for using alternative therapies, and insurance companies continue to deny coverage for beneficial, noninvasive treatments—the bias must end.

We hope that educating AP on alternative therapies will start to shift the bias and place the integrative approach to health on a more even playing field in the media.

Use our online action center to demand the AP give equal time and focus to integrative medicine, and feel free to include any personal stories that articulate the benefits of alternative therapies and known science that supports the use of integrative treatments.


  • Paul Colford


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