Tell the Congress to Ban the Overuse of Antibiotics in Farm Animals

Antibiotic use in animal agriculture has been linked to human bacterial infections resistant to antibiotics.  In a recent report from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation found two-thirds of retail poultry collected at major grocery stores in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal had bacteria resistant to at least one antibiotic, raising new concerns about the pervasive use of antimicrobials in food animal feed.

The CBC bought and sampled over 100 pieces of chicken and sent them to a lab for analysis, unsurprisingly, the lab found E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter. What was surprising is that some of the bacteria were resistant to six, seven, or eight different types of antibiotics, according to the account.

Nonetheless, agribusiness and the pharmaceutical industry are fighting hard to thwart restrictions on the use of antibiotics in agriculture.


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Ban the Overuse of Antibiotics in Animal Feed

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