Tell the USDA Not to Runaround a Court Order-- Keep Roundup Ready Sugar Beets on Hold!

The USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is preparing an Environmental Impact Statement on a variety of sugar beets (created by German plant breeder KWS) which have a gene implanted that can withstand large doses of the extremely toxic herbicide Roundup (made by Monsanto). The USDA knows that this new strain may be harmful to the environment. They have been ordered by a court to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement.

Please write to the USDA and tell them not to grant Monsanto’s petition for “partial deregulation” of the crops, which would allow them to produce these potentially dangerous sugar beets before the EIS has been completed. Don’t allow Monsanto to manipulate the system and runaround the court!



  • Administrator Cindy Smith, Administrator USDA APHIS


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Draft Environmental Assessment of Roundup Ready® sugar beets

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