Tell Them to Reverse the Decision to Deregulate GE Bio-Fuel Corn, Roundup Ready Alfalfa and Sugarbeets!

Late Friday afternoon, the USDA announced its decision to completely deregulate genetically engineered bio-fuel corn for ethanol production. This arrives on the heels of a whole slew of deregulation decisions by the USDA.

The USDA recently reviewed Monsanto’s brand of Roundup Ready alfalfa and sugarbeets—genetically engineered to withstand the harsh herbicide glyphosphate, a.k.a. Roundup—and decided that genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa did not need to be regulated at all, and that sugarbeets will be “partially deregulated”: USDA will let farmers plant GE sugarbeets if they obey rules designed to prevent the plant’s wind-blown pollen from reaching organic fields—though if the rules themselves prove ineffective, organic sugarbeets will be contaminated. Not to mention, the lack of regulation will increase herbicide use of up to 23 million pounds per year.

GE bio-fuel corn, along with Roundup Ready alfalfa and sugarbeets will spread, and will easily contaminate non-GE crops, including organic crops—which will, of course, render them non-organic. Organic alfalfa, in turn, is essential for organic meat production.

We need to blanket Congress with protests, asking senators and representatives and oversight committees to review the deregulation decision. We need to show Congress that there is a steep political price to be paid for supporting genetically engineered organisms, especially corn, alfalfa and sugarbeets. And we need to put pressure on the USDA and the Obama administration. Tell them how angry you are, and ask them to step in.


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Deregulation of GE Bio-Fuel Corn and RR Alfalfa, and Partial Deregulation of RR Sugarbeets

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