Dietitians Take Action!

We are a growing number of Registered Dietitians, students, and ADA members who are gravely concerned about the direction of the ADA and the negative impact that direction will have on its 70,000 members. We believe the ADA's partnerships with junk food companies and the pharmaceutical industry—and the payments it continues to receive from them—have severely damaged the organization's independence and credibility, and have severely compromised the professional legitimacy of dietitians. (1) (2)

Additionally, we disagree with the ADA's multi-state legislative effort to monopolize nutritional therapy through legislative initiatives.(3) The practice of dietetics is one of the many different modalities of nutritional therapy. Dietitians—and particularly the Commission on Dietetic Registration—should respect and compete with other nutrition professions and licensing bodies in the marketplace, and should not subvert competition by creating a government-sanctioned monopoly through legislation.

Registered Dietitians, students, and ADA members, please sign this petition and tell the ADA you're fed up!

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(2) American Dietitic Association, list of corporate sponsors,  <http://www.eatright.org/corporatesponsors/>.
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  • American Dietetic Association


Dear American Dietetic Association,

We believe the American Dietetic Association should no longer receive payments from junk food companies and the pharmaceutical industry. Coca-Cola and other Big Food companies are using sponsorships and payments to the ADA to enhance their corporate images, and therefore, their bottom line. Their unhealthy products are contributing toward the nation's obesity and diabetes epidemic. The ADA is supporting companies that oppose virtually every state-specific public health policy related to the improvement of school nutrition, the reduction of junk food and soda consumption, and environmental health and safety -- such as opposing the removal of BPA, opposing legislation that would simply require the disclosure of product ingredients, and opposing school nutrition standards.

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