Vitamin Study Action Alert for Doctors and Scientists

Last Monday the Archives of Internal Medicine, published by the American Medical Association, released a study claiming that vitamin use might lead to an earlier death. This set off a major media feeding frenzy, wave after wave of scary stories. Fox’s headline was typical: “Are Your Supplements Killing You?”

The study was “junk science” at its worst. The methodology was badly flawed, the data were manipulated to create a predetermined outcome, and the data—adjusted as it was—did not fully support the authors’ wildly overstated conclusions. Worst of all, the media have skewed and misreported  the study with devastating results.

Because we expect this study to be used to support the FDA’s new supplement guidance and Sen. Durbin’s bill that could greatly restrict supplement availability, it is critical that we do not let this study go by unanswered. If you are a doctor or a scientist, please write to the editor of the Archives of Internal Medicine and ask for the study to be reviewed and retracted, to allow a rebuttal to be published, or at the very least to reveal the authors’ methodology.


  • American Medical Association (AMA)
  • Rita F. Redberg, Editor, Archives of Internal Medicine


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