Tell the Texas Legislative Oversight Committees and Gov. Rick Perry to Stop the TMB's Harassment of Dr. Burzynski!

For nearly three decades, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski has been battling the FDA and the Texas Medical Board (TMB) over his important, nontoxic, gene-targeted cancer therapy called antineoplastons. He has won every court battle, and has been vindicated in every hearing.

But now the TMB is making yet another attempt to revoke Dr. Burzynski’s medical license which, if successful, would result in the closure of his clinic, the abandonment of all his patients, and would squelch any possibility of antineoplastons gaining FDA-approval. Using the death of two of his terminally ill patients as a pretext, the TMB is charging Dr. Burzynski with the off-label use of FDA-approved drugs—despite the fact that such use is both legal and is commonplace in conventional cancer therapy.

Please write to Gov. Rick Perry, who appointed a number of members of the TMB, including its heads, as well as the members of the House Committee on Public Health and the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, which oversee the TMB. Tell them not to flush decades of important gene-targeted cancer research down the drain in the name of protecting the profits of an industry that doesn’t want Burzynski to survive.

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  • State Senator Robert Nichols
  • State Senator Joan Huffman


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