New York Action Alert on Licensed Dietician/Nutritionists Bill

The New York Legislature is currently considering a seriously restrictive bill that would create a new title for dietitians and nutritionists—“Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist” or “LDN”. Moreover, a majority of the new board would be ADA members, and they would have the power to decide which exams are allowed—and which are not.

This change would criminalize non-licensed practitioners creating significant economic loss due to the severe and unnecessary scope of practice restrictions of the proposed bill. Highly trained professionals including but not limited to chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, certified nutrition specialists, certified clinical nutritionists, and health coaches would effectively be prohibited from providing nutrition-related counseling.

The state’s Senate Finance Committee met on June 13 and decided to pass S.3556 to the Rules Committee so that it could be considered on the Senate floor.

Please contact your state legislators and express your strong opposition to this bill!



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