Get the GMOs out of Organic Baby Food!

In 2006, National Organic Program (NOP) staff told Martek that the DHA and ARA couldn’t be in organic food because they were synthetic, genetically engineered, and did not qualify as organic. Martek was able to reverse that decision with a simple phone call to NOP acting director Barbara Robinson—though no one knew about the reversal until three years later when the Washington Post broke the story.

Martek then formally petitioned the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB). Shockingly, in a board meeting two weeks ago, the NOSB recommended that DHA and ARA oils be added to the Certified Organic list—so long as they are not extracted with the use of the toxic and air polluting petrochemical hexane.

As things stand now, the DHA and ARA oils are produced through genetic engineering, processed with volatile synthetic solvents, and microencapsulated—three things that are expressly banned from USDA Organic!

Please contact the National Organics Program immediately and ask them to reject the NOSB’s recommendation on DHA and ARA. GMO and synthetic chemical solvents have no place in organic food, much less baby food, and should be banned immediately, not allowed to remain while the rulemaking process lumbers on.


  • Miles McEvoy

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