Ask Congress to Stop Medical Screenings without Parental Consent!

Children shouldn’t be automatically screened for mental health issues without explicit parental consent, especially if there is no indication of mental health problems. It violates parental rights, the diagnostic criteria are vague, and federal funds shouldn’t support programs that could lead to the increased over-medication of children.

Increasingly, schools are demanding that students receive mental health screenings, and if their parents or legal guardian refuse to consent to it, the educational institution uses that refusal as the basis for a charge of child abuse or neglect. If the child is screened and the therapist believes there is any sign of depression, it is likely he or she will be prescribed an SSRI antidepressant.

The Parental Consent Act of 2011 would prohibit the use of federal funds for any universal or mandatory mental health screening program, and ensures that any school or agency that doesn’t heed a parent’s express refusal to have a child screened would no longer be able to receive federal education funding.

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