Autism Hero Walk - Detroit - 2024

Jax‚'TMs Art
Jax‚'TMs Art

The Marvelous Jax

Calling all Avengers, Ninjas, and Amazing Supporters! 

Join Team The Marvelous Jax on an epic quest to support the Autism Alliance of Michigan at the Detroit Zoo on September 21st, 2024!

Jax, our 7-year-old superhero-in-training, was recently diagnosed with Autism. He battles challenges with social interaction, communication, and repetitive behaviors, but his artistic spirit and love for all things awesome shine through! Just like his favorite heroes, Jax is determined and full of potential. 

By joining our team or donating,you'll help the Autism Alliance of Michigan create a world where every hero has the chance to reach their full potential. AAoM provides resources, advocacy, and support for families like ours, and with your help, they can make a super-sized difference in the lives of countless individuals.

Ready to assemble?

  • Join Team The Marvelous Jax! Walk alongside us and celebrate amazing people like Jax.

  • Donate today! Every contribution fuels the fight for a more inclusive world.

Together, let's make Jax's Marvelous Journey a reality!

P.S. Spread the word! Share this message with your fellow heroes and help us create an epic Autism Hero Walk for Jax and everyone he inspires!

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