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Are you considering taking a higher paying job or a promotion but would end up losing your health care and other public benefits if you earned more? Are you not on any government assistance but your salary does not help you fully cover your personal care needs? If this sounds like you, then tell AAPD your story and help us create a powerful narrative that will help elected and appointed officials better understand the choices you face as a person with a disability.

Your story is the most powerful tool we have for creating change. Whether we are making our case with a Congressional staffer, a member of the press, or our neighbors, we are most successful when we can describe the real human impact of an issue—and give the issue a name and a face. Help AAPD educate your fellow Americans about the powerful, ambitious, excellent person you are, and help us break down stereotypes and show lawmakers that there is a better way.

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We respect your privacy and appreciate you sharing your personal stories with us. Your information will be kept secure and confidential. We will keep all stories in a secure database. If your story is selected, AAPD will work with you and it will be used to inform policymakers and the media. It will not be used for any other purposes and your personal information will not be given out. 

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