Support Our Faithful in Nigeria


You can ease the pain of our faithful with a gift today. Help them enjoy Christmas this year.

  • Most people affected by the crisis in the Diocese of Maiduguri in Nigeria are women and children. Many of them have witnessed the cruel killing of their husbands and children; many have been raped, sexually abused and exploited.
  • For so long, good quality water has been a major problem. The area is mountainous and makes the construction of a well difficult and expensive. People often have to travel a long way to fetch water that is not necessarily of good quality. Many people suffer from cholera.
  • You can help fund a borehole that will run on solar panels, reducing disease and long travel on Christians who already have so much to deal with.

Thank you for giving Christmas to our Nigerian faithful.

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Bring Christmas to the Nigerian Faithful

Men, women and children have already been through so much. Refugees in their own country, many feel that they do not have much to celebrate this Christmas. You can change that. God bless you.

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