Baskets of Hope

“Children are the most fragile. They have paid dearly for this pitiless violence.  How can we restore the spirits of these children damaged by violence and scenes of barbarism?”  Archbishop Samir Nassar of Damascus, Syria

The brutal conflict in Syria has raged on for more than six years.  More than 400,000 people have died, among them at least 11,500 children; another estimated 350,000 have perished as a result of the lack of medical care, water, and food.  More than 11 million people have lost their homes, 5 million of them have fled the country—among them more than 700,000 Christians, two-fifths of all Syrian Christians.

Your gift today will bring some measure of hope to families, especially children, who have lost everything.  Thank you for showing kindness and compassion to our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ.

Support the Suffering Christians in Syria/330-09-59

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