Msgr. Richard Lopez Dear Friends of ACN,

Pete Hamill once told the story of his father who suffered each day working in a factory with a wooden leg. At night the young Pete could hear his father crying from the pain inflicted by the sacrifice of working to feed his family.  Pete resolved one day "to honor that pain."

Today thousands of Christians are suffering pain.  They are being murdered, they are being expelled from their homes, they are losing everything they have worked for. These Christians are the first Christians, men and women who have kept the faith under constant Islamic discrimination and persecution. These Christians have the oldest shrines, churches, monasteries and documents of our faith and they are being destroyed and looted.

Aid to the Church in Need is struggling to help Christians remain in their ancient homelands, rebuild their churches, assist their priests and nuns and restore the dignity they deserve as our first brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Please help Aid to the Church in Need to honor their pain by supporting their work to assist these Christians. 

In Christ's name,

Msgr. Richard Lopez

Monsignor Lopez is a priest in Atlanta, Georgia and supporter of the work of Aid to the Church in Need.  He is dedicated to raising awareness about the dire circumstances affecting Christians today in the Middle East. 

Msgr. Richard Lopez Appeal for Christians in the Middle East/398-00-59

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