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DVD: Holy Land, The Path in Between

The duration of this clip is approximately 5 minutes

Holy Land - The Path in Between

Today nine sisters inhabit the Bethlehem Carmel, whilst a further four endeavour to join them. Beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1983, Mariam Baouardy became the first modern day Palestinian saint. She is referred to as "The Little Arab". The Carmelite Sisters, not unlike the inhabitants of Bethlehem, live at the heart of a conflict between Israelis and Palestinians that has gone on for dozens of years. They make a living from tailoring and embroidering liturgical vestments and baking hosts for churches in Bethlehem. They also spend their time archiving Mariam's mementos, as well as receiving pilgrims and Palestinian Christians, ever more fascinated by this "Little Arab's" life.

DVD Title: The Path in Between
Duration: 28 minutes

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