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The Dark Code

A man without honour is as good as dead. (Paragraph 600) // Honour once lost cannot be bought, except for blood or regained except by means of a magnanimous forgiveness arranged by arbiters. (Paragraph 598)

These texts derive from the Albanian Canon - a comprehensive chronicle of laws that governs everything from land cultivation to the honour of women. From managing livestock to how men should dress (always armed with a gun). Developed during the Turkish invasion and the consequent implemen-tation of the Ottoman laws, Albanians had no court, government or a state, to which to seek recourse and the Canon became the means through which to understand and seek justice. The most patent manifestation of the Canon relates to vendettas blood for blood regarded as obligatory when insulted or attacked. The repercussion for a family that does not pursue it is a loss of the familys dignity and self-respect. This 28-minute documentary considers the issue of the Canon, its relationship to revenge, women and children, and the revival of the Canon in regions of modern day Albania.

DVD Title: The Dark Code
Duration: 28 minutes

The duration of this clip is approximately 10 minutes.

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