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Carmelites of Chile

The countries of South America received Christianity from the hands of European colonisers. The first believers in Christ appeared in Chile in the sixteenth century but for various reasons, countries evangelised by the Spaniards were not empowered to set up contemplative orders. The Spaniards encouraged and facilitated the establishment of active orders only. That is why the likes of the Carmelites or Benedictine or Clarist orders arrived only after independence - not until the nineteenth century. The great shortage and need for contemplative convents continues to burden this Church.

Viewed through the perspective of Teresa of Jesus of Los Andes, the first Chilean saint and a Carmelite nun, the program considers the role of cloistered convents in Chile and the impact and support that this provides for the faithful and society.

DVD Title: Carmelites of Chile
Duration: 27 minutes

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