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Reduce the availability of tobacco In New York City

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am asking you to support legislation reducing the availability of tobacco in New York City. New York City is over saturated with licensed locations to purchase tobacco. Nearly a million New Yorkers still use tobacco in New York City and tobacco use is the number one cause of preventable death in New York City killing approximately 12,000 people each year.

Despite historic efforts to reduce smoking rates, one area that has not been addressed by New York City is the enormous number of licensed tobacco retailers saturating our neighborhoods.

The over saturation of tobacco legally available in New York City makes it harder for New Yorkers to quit smoking while encouraging youth to start smoking.

In far too many neighborhoods, tobacco retail can be found on nearly every corner and every block and widespread availability of tobacco in our communities dangerously normalizes tobacco use.

As your constituent I am asking you to support legislation that will cap and reduce the number tobacco retail licenses available in a community; set a minimum distance between tobacco retailers and from schools, other youth service entities and from other licensed tobacco retailers; and restrict sales in pharmacies and other health service entities.

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