We returned home last night after an unbelievable ride in the Negev, through the Judean Hills, and up to ALYN Hospital in Jerusalem. It was an incredible week of comraderie between riders, volunteers and staff. The riders struggled often, walking more than they wanted to, due to the steepness and difficulty of some climbs. Mostly they were inspired by fellow riders, including the "Swift and the Bold", present and former ALYN patients, who rode with us, as well as by the majestic beauty of the land of Israel.
We've surpassed our goal of $3 million, already collecting $3.5 million! This is an incredible new record for ALYN.
At our Gala Wednesday night, a 7 year old former patient spoke to us. Struck with cancer and immobilized, he went through chemo and radiation therapy, simultaneously doing rehabilitation at ALYN. At the end of a film that was shown last year, he said "ALYN helped me reach my goal". When asked what that goal was, he responded, "To be a regular kid". This year he stood at the ceremony and told us how wonderful his life is now that he's back to being "a regular kid"!
Thank you, in advance, for partnering with us, allowing ALYN to achieve such miracles!

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