AK Riders

Members of our Team have been riding for the kids of Alyn Hospital for many years (This is the 9th year for David Waltuch, 8th year for Ben Cohen, 1st for David Bugayer,5th for David Glickman, and 4rth for Ricky Goldschmidt and Yitzy Meyer)

We are the AK Riders which could stand for Alta Kakas (old men!) or Aish Kodesh, the Shul we belong to (both descriptions fit!) Riding together, training for, and taking part in this amazing ride has been an incredible experience for all of us. We encourage anyone who has the desire to, join us! How often do you have the opportunity to help others while doing something that is beneficial for you (in so many ways)!

The ride is amazing, the friends and comradery is extraordinary, but most impressive is the knowledge that what you are doing is helping the kids at Alyn Hospital! Next time you are in Israel, come by the hospital and ask for a tour (which I do each and every year I go!) it will amaze and astound you!

Until then we ask that you donate to Alyn in anyway you can. We thank you for supporting our team but mostly for supporting an organization we are truly proud to be associated with!

Best Regards!


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