“Volunteers don’t get paid.
Not because they are worthless.
But because they are PRICELESS.”

Ask any WHEELS OF LOVE rider, and the sentiment of this quote will be echoed over and over. Our volunteers are our cheer leaders, our support givers, our hand holders – our everything! They help put out directional signs, they man traffic corners, they serve riders at pit stops, they help guide you to your rooms at day’s end. They stand at the top of the steep hills and encourage you to keep going. They help you find lost things. They tell you how many more miles to go until you can rest. People think the riders have all the hard work, but it isn’t so on WHEELS OF LOVE. Our volunteers work tirelessly making it possible for us to save costs by not having to hire extra expensive logistic staff. Best of all, whether you see a volunteer waving a pom pom or offering you much needed water, it will be with a smile, warmth and love that is what ALYN is all about.

Join the volunteer staff today – start making your own memories!