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Waves-Tom RohrerThe new Congress and administration are up and running in Washington, D.C. After the election, we knew we’d probably be facing an uphill battle. But after just a short time in office, it is crystal clear that we’ve got a fight on our hands and our clean water is at risk.


Our 2017 Great Lakes Action Agenda outlines the top federal action priorities for lawmakers to take to protect our clean water and our lakes.


The Great Lakes Action Agenda calls on Congress to:

  • Ensure Access to Safe, Affordable Drinking Water
  • Invest to Improve Outdated and Failing Drinking and Wastewater Infrastructure
  • Fund the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative
  • Preserve the Clean Water Act and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Support Existing Invasive Species Regulations
  • Prevent Asian Carp from Reaching the Great Lakes


The agenda also alerts federal officials to several important “issues to watch” including:

  • Nutrient Pollution Causing Unsafe Drinking Water, Closed Beaches and Dead Zones
  • Crude Oil Transportation
  • Plastic Pollution


Take action today and tell your lawmakers to support the 2017 Great Lakes Action Agenda.


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