Join the 2021 World Partnership Walk!

Every year thousands of Canadians across the country take part in the World Partnership Walk. Get involved by creating or joining a team, registering as a participant, or by donating.

An initiative of Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC), World Partnership Walk is Canada's largest movement in support of global development. The Walk engages tens of thousands of Canadians each year. It has raised over $125 million since 1985, supporting more than 180 initiatives in 15 countries that have improved the quality of life for millions in Africa and Asia.

As a participant or donor, you will contribute to AKFC's wide range of development activities to reduce poverty and build resilient communities. This includes programs that respond to the pandemic's effects, from establishing COVID-19 treatment centres and training healthcare workers, to ensuring students can continue to learn during lockdowns.

Join us today and take a meaningful and positive step towards fighting global poverty in the developing world.