Tell RJ Reynolds: No Camel in Nevada

RJ Reynolds' Cigarette Cover Contest

Tell RJ Reynolds to Stay Out of Las Vegas!

Camel Cigarettes, which is one of the most popular cigarette brands among kids, is coming to Las Vegas as part of their latest campaign to hook kids and young adults in Nevada.  And we think they should stay out!

This latest campaign is using Las Vegas and nine other places across the U.S. and exploiting the great things about them to addict new kids.  And Camel said that starting in December and January they will sell  special pack designs using the names and images of our cities – and they have actually told us to collect all ten!!

Camel calls Las Vegas “the keeper of oh so many good times,” and says it’s the “love and thrill of the laughs” that makes Vegas great.  But tobacco use is no light-hearted, laughing matter – it kills 3,310 people in Nevada every year, and costs the state $1.6 billion in healthcare costs and lost productivity.

This new campaign started out asking people to “guess” where the Camel would go.  That is eerily similar to the children’s television game show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? and shows that we need to be vigilant because Big Tobacco is still trying to find ways to market their deadly products to kids. 

Too many people in Nevada have died from tobacco use, and more continue to smoke.  Now Camel is exploiting the reputation of Las Vegas to sell more tobacco products.  This has to stop.

Please write a letter to Daniel Delen, President of R.J. Reynolds, and tell them to get out of our town!


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Dear [Decision Maker],

Cigarettes made by RJ Reynolds and others kill 443,000 people every year. Because of your marketing and the addictiveness of your products, new kids become addicted to tobacco every day. One out of three of them will die as a result. As if this wasn't bad enough now it's personal.

The Camel Break Free Adventure Contest is exploiting the good reputation of Las Vegas. It sickens me to think that the name and images of our great city will appear on cigarette packs. The people of Nevada do not want to be used in a marketing campaign that will cause more death and disease.

This is just the latest in a series of shameful attempts to addict kids and young adults. I want you to know that you will never get my business, and this campaign urges me to fight even harder against the product that you sell.

Please get right back on your Camel and leave. We don't want you or your tobacco products here.

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