Act Now to Protect Smoke-Free North Carolina


  • Jimmy Garris
  • Eugene James
  • Tom Johnson, Sr.
  • Melvin McLawhorn
  • Ephraigm Smith
  • Beth Ward
  • Glen Webb


Support for Smoke-Free North Carolina

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a resident of Pitt County, I am writing to ask you to support the Pitt County Board of Health in the implementation of the state's smoke-free law.

All citizens of Pitt County deserve the protection provided by NC's Smoke-free Restaurants and Bars law, and they should not be subjected to the harmful effects of second-hand smoke. The intent of this law was to provide health protections to the citizens of Pitt County and as one of those citizens I ask you to support the law, our Board of Health and an appeal of this decision.

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