Urgent Action Needed to Protect Nevada's Clean Indoor Air Law!

The Nevada State Assembly has introduced AB 571, a bill that will defy the will of the people and attempt to allow smoking back into places you frequent.  In 2006, voters approved the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act that declared most workplaces to be smoke-free, including grocery stores, restaurants and bars that serve food.  AB 571, if passed, will allow smoking in restaurants and bars that serve food and directly contradict what the voters approved in 2006.

While most states across the country have far more stringent clean indoor air laws than Nevada, it’s appalling that our legislature would consider weakening our law further.  In fact, recent polling done by the American Lung Association in Nevada showed 83% of residents support the Nevada Clean Indoor Air act.

It’s time to act and let your legislator know that you want your right to breathe clean air protected!    Please contact your legislator today to tell them to vote no on AB 571!     


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