Ohio Health Professionals for Clean Air: Join the Campaign

The Clean Air Act is facing powerful opposition. The fight in Congress is intensifying and the public health community needs to step up as leaders to fight for clean air.  The American Lung Association is recruiting for Ohio Health Professionals for Clean Air, a newly formed segment of the campaign, to ensure that the health community loudly, persistently and powerfully demands that Congress not dismantle the Clean Air Act.

Ohio Health Professionals for Clean Air is working to educate key members of Congress on the importance of the Clean Air Act.  We will continue to effectively frame the debate as a matter of public health and actively engage public health stakeholders in an issue that may be new to many. We are recruiting and mobilizing grassroots advocates and health leaders from across the state to engage in media activities and coordinated visibility events.

While the American Lung Association is leading this effort, success will only come from establishing partnerships with other public health organizations.  Ohio Health Professionals for Clean Air will identify and empower multiple messengers to carry a unified message around protecting public health by protecting the Clean Air Act. 

We need you.  Please join today.


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