Please Sign Senate Bill 225

The 2012 NM legislative session ended on February 16. We are pleased to report that a bill that will support enforcement of the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) between Big Tobacco and the state of New Mexico passed both the Senate and the House. Senate Bill 225, sponsored by Senator Lynda Lovejoy, will be sent to Governor Martinez for her signature.

Senate Bill 225 would raise the cost of some low-cost cigarettes sold in NM by companies who are not signatories to the MSA.  Enactment of SB 225 would ensure that all such companies have established funds sufficient to reimburse the state for their share of the state’s medical costs associated with the sale and use of their tobacco products.


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Please Sign Senate Bill 225

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to urge you to sign Senate Bill 225; Cigarette Tax Definitions.

SB225 will ensure that New Mexico is compliant under the guidelines of the Master Settlement Agreement and can continue to receive payments under the agreement. Enacting this bill will also enable the State of New Mexico to collect an additional estimated $7.5 million annually in escrow payments pursuant to the Master Settlement Agreement. SB 225 will create equity, as required by the MSA, in cigarette prices and will raise the minimum price for some low-cost brands of cigarettes sold in NM by tobacco companies who were not signatories of the original settlement agreement, a critical step that can help decrease smoking in New Mexico and save lives.

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