Let's Make Boulder City Smoke-Free

On March 27th the Boulder City Council members discussed an ordinance that would make all indoor workplaces in Boulder City smoke-free.  These indoor areas include all bars, tobacco shops and hotels/motels.  This is an opportunity for Boulder City to become the first 100% smoke-free community in Nevada!

Several Councilmembers indicated during the council meeting that they would like to hear from constituents on this issue.  We are asking that you make your voice heard and let the Council know that those that work and play in Boulder City deserve to breathe clean air! 


  • Cam Walker
  • Rod Woodbury


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Please Make Boulder City 100% Smoke-Free

Dear Councilman [Decision Maker],

It has been brought to my attention that Smoke Free Boulder City is pursuing an ordinance that would make Boulder City the first city in Nevada to be 100% smoke-free. I would ask that you please support this common-sense public health effort as Boulder City continues to positively differentiate itself from other communities in Nevada. A smoke-free Boulder City would not only protect our visitors but is also an essential component for maintaining a healthy and productive workforce.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, nonsmoking employees working in a smoke-filled environment have a 25-30 percent higher risk for coronary heart disease and increase their risk for lung cancer by 20-30 percent.

Everyone in Boulder City deserves to breathe clean air and therefore I ask that you please support the smoke-free effort!

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