Restore Local Rights in OK

There will be a House Bill this session designed to restore local rights to communities. Restoring local rights allows the municipalities the opportunity to engage in a local dialogue to determine the most appropriate measures to address the health of their communities, the ability to be competitive in new business and jobs and reduce the burden of health care costs. Restoring local rights is a priority for the American Lung Association and a multitude of other civic and health groups in Oklahoma.  

The Importance of This Bill

  • Oklahoma is one of only two states in the nation that prohibit communities from adopting any ordinance on tobacco that is stronger than state law.
  • Smoking is Oklahoma’s leading cause of preventable death resulting in over 6,000 lives lost each year.
  • Communities need to have the right to address critical matters of public health and safety.  Smoking costs Oklahoma Businesses over $1.73 Billion each year for health-related illnesses and lost productivity.  Oklahoma pays $1.16 Billion in support of health care for tobacco-related illnesses. 
  • There is no safe level of secondhand smoke.  Exposure to secondhand smoke causes heart disease, lung cancer and other serious illnesses among non smokers. 

We need your help.  These tools are here to make a difference but it requires you to be involved.  This is a call to action.  American Lung Association staff have personally spoken with many of the legislators and their words are “I am not hearing from my constituents on restoring local rights”.  Your voice is what makes the difference to them.  Pass this information on to others who you know and will call.  Our Oklahoma Quality of Life is at risk and you need to be vocal.  Please make a difference.  


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Restore Local Rights in OK

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