Quitting is Hard - and You Can Help

The American Lung Association’s fifth annual Helping Smokers Quit: Tobacco Cessation Coverage report highlights what federal and state officials can do to help smokers quit. The report finds there is much work to be done – but they can save lives and reduce healthcare costs by increasing access to proven smoking cessation treatments.

State officials must ensure that smokers enrolling in new health insurance options created by the Affordable Care Act have access to the help they need to quit through a comprehensive tobacco cessation benefit. This benefit will help millions of people reduce their risk for lung and heart disease, as well as cancer. Quitting reduces a smoker’s risk of disease – no matter when they quit.

Please tell your Governor that helping smokers quit is an essential part of the Essential Health Benefit.

Thank you for all you do,

Paul Billings
Senior Vice President, Advocacy and Education
American Lung Association


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