Big Tobacco Continues to Deceive

Big tobacco is at it again.  SB 1209 is another attempt by the industry at meaningless self regulation and the hopes of muddying the waters to give them the ability to push their current and emerging products on youth. 

Please request that Senator Driggs pull his bill from a final vote this week. 

The tobacco and e-cigarette manufacturers are pushing SB 1209 in order to give the appearance they are trying to keep youth off of their products.  The reality is that the tobacco industry has been targeting kids for years in the hopes that they get hooked on their products for a lifetime.  SB 1209 would punish youth for being in possession of e-cigarettes when the more effective method would be punishing the seller of the product.   

Please let Senator Driggs know you oppose the insincere effort of the tobacco industry to self regulate. 

SB 1209 would also add to the confusion of e-cigarettes by letting the tobacco industry define them as “vapor products”.  This allows the industry to effectively disassociate their product from cigarettes but the reality is that e-cigarettes contain nicotine and are addictive.  Some of the same tobacco product and e-cigarette manufacturers supporting this legislation are wanting the state to enact policies such as SB1209 to define, regulate, and legitimize products that have not yet been revealed to the FDA, much less to the general public.  Enacting legislation such as SB 1209 could lead to litigation and delay of FDA regulation of these products. 


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Big Tobacco Continues to Deceive

Dear [Decision Maker],

I would like to thank you for your well-intended efforts on SB 1209 but I'm respectfully asking that you please pull the bill from a final vote this session. For years the tobacco industry has pushed youth access laws that alone do very little to keep youth off tobacco products. The tobacco industry relies on getting consumers hooked as young as possible so they can buy their products for as long as possible this bill is an insincere effort by the industry to self regulate.

I'm also asking that you please oppose efforts in the bill to define e-cigarettes. The FDA is scheduled to rule on e-cigs shortly and I'm asking that you please let them make a determination before running any state legislation regarding "vapor products". SB 1209 attempts to preempt any ruling made by the FDA with regards to "vapor products" and as a result could lead to litigation that would delay regulation of these products.

Thank you for your time and I appreciate your consideration of removing this bill that does little to protect public health.

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