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Senate bill 1209

Dear [Decision Maker],

I would like to thank you for your well-intended efforts on SB 1209 but I'm respectfully asking that you please pull the bill from a final vote this session. For years the tobacco industry has pushed youth access laws that alone do very little to keep youth off tobacco products. The tobacco industry relies on getting consumers hooked as young as possible so they can buy their products for as long as possible this bill is an insincere effort by the industry to self regulate.

I'm also asking that you please oppose efforts in the bill to define e-cigarettes. The FDA is scheduled to rule on e-cigs shortly and I'm asking that you please let them make a determination before running any state legislation regarding "vapor products". What SB 1209 does is similar to if a pharmaceutical company approached you about running a bill that makes one of their drugs legal in Arizona, but that it was still going through the FDA approval process. I'm sure your wouldn't think twice about saying no.

Thank you for your time and I appreciate your consideration of pulling this piece of legislation that will do little to better public health.

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