Protect NYers from e-cigarette emissions

The State Senate and Assembly are considering legislation to protect public health by restricting the use of electronic cigarettes at our bars, restaurants and workplaces in New York.  The Lung Association strongly supports these bills and we need your legislators to hear from all of you.  Please take action now and urge them to pass this bill.


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When New York State passed its Clean Indoor Air Act, over 10 years ago it was a monumental achievement which removed cigarettes and secondhand smoke from our bars and restaurants. This law was replicated across the country, and around the world and helped propel New York forward to major reductions in smoking rates.

In recent months, we have seen a major increase in the use of electronic cigarettes, e-cigars, e-hookahs and similar products across the state. Patrons of our smokefree bars, restaurants and workplaces are increasingly being exposed to secondhand emissions from electronic cigarettes.

Please support and pass A. 8178C /S. 7841B to restrict the use of electronic cigarettes in our workplaces, bars and restaurants.

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