Tell President Obama: Adopt more protective limits on ozone pollution

Please ask President Barack Obama to adopt more protective limits on ozone pollution to better protect the health of our families and children. Someone in everyone's family is at risk from ozone pollution. The current ozone limit is too weak—it's based on outdated science and fails to protect public health.

Ground-level ozone, or smog, is a dangerous air pollutant impacting millions of Americans every year. Anyone who works or plays outside can be at increased risk from ozone pollution, as well as children, older adults, people with asthma, and people living in low-income communities.

Breathing unhealthy levels of ozone pollution:

  • irritates the nose and lungs;
  • causes shortness of breath; wheezing and coughing;
  • triggers asthma attacks, leading to increased hospitalizations and missed school and workdays;
  • has been linked to low birth-weight in babies; and
  • can even kill.

Now is your chance to send a strong message urging the President to stand up for the strongest health protections. We must fight to ensure that the White House rejects pressure from industrial lobbyists and establishes a strong ozone pollution limit based on the scientific evidence of what is needed to protect our health. EPA will announce a final decision on or before October 1, 2015.


  • President Donald J. Trump


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