Healthy Air Saves Lives

Breathing clean air is essential to good health. But your right to clean and healthy air to breathe is under attack. Big industrial polluters are pressuring Congress to delay air pollution cleanup and roll back key provisions of the Clean Air Act – a law that prevents tens of thousands of asthma attacks, heart attacks, strokes, and premature deaths each year.

The State of the Air report shows that more than half of the U.S. population still lives in an area impacted by unhealthy levels of air pollution. We simply cannot let the polluters win. Will you join the fight?

Tell Washington to stand up for healthy air protections today, and to implement clean air protections without delay.


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Please support full implementation of the Clean Air Act and oppose any attempts to block, weaken or delay the cleanup of dangerous air pollution. Thanks to our nation's clean air laws, the air is cleaner in most communities. Yet, too many people still breathe unhealthy air too often. We need to fully protect the public's health from the dangers of all types of pollution in the air we breathe, including ozone (also called smog), particle pollution, carbon, methane, and mercury and other toxic air emissions.

Please support the Clean Air Act and the needed safeguards to clean up power plants, motor vehicles, the oil and gas industry and other sources of pollution that threaten millions of Americans each year.

Can my family count on you to protect our health and support clean and healthy air?

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