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Radon Long Term Test KitsLong term tests 90-365 days and offers a more accurate measure of the yearly concentration of radon.  It is recommended that you include in your testing time the heating months "November through March" . The cost includes the kit and lab analysis.Testing your home for radon is simple.


Here are a few tips:

  • Purchase a Radon Test Kit
  • Testing ranges from a few days (short-term) to a year (long-term). Long-term tests are more accurate in predicting the year-round levels in a home. 
  • If a test indicates an elevated radon level, always test twice before taking action.
  • Repairs for homes with high radon levels are no more than many other common home repairs and will not dramatically change the appearance of your home. A variety of methods can be used, from sealing cracks in floors and walls, to changing the flow of air into your home.
  • Always consult an EPA-qualified or state-certified radon contractor. They can evaluate the problem and help you select the right solution. Visit the web site to find out about EPA-qualified or state-certified radon contractors in your area .

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