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Macomb County, Mich.: Urge Your Officials to Support TNR

michigan_action_wrapper.jpgThis alert is ONLY for residents of Macomb County, Mich.

Alley Cat Allies has been working with Macomb County Animal Control to expand its TNR program to protect the lives of feral, or community, cats. A group of cities in Macomb County, including your city, recently formed an animal control coalition to try to stop using the county shelter and it’s lifesaving TNR services—and to instead have feral cats “euthanized” (i.e., killed) at a private veterinary clinic. Catching and killing feral cats is clearly cruel—and it’s a waste of taxpayer dollars as it is ineffective at stabilizing feral cat colonies.

Please urge your officials to support Trap-Neuter-Return—and to reject any programs that would result in feral cats being killed.

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Please support Trap-Neuter-Return

Dear [Decision Maker],

I'm concerned by the proposed contract that would send feral cats in our county to a private veterinary clinic to be euthanized. I urge you to reject the contract to have feral cats euthanized--and to instead support Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), the only effective method of stabilizing and reducing feral cat colonies. The county shelter already has a TNR program.

Whatever animal service you decide to use, please make TNR part of the plan. TNR is the only method of effectively stabilizing feral cat populations--and it's humane. Thank you for your time.

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