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Take Action: North Ridgeville, Ohio Animal Control Policies Need to Change

Woodpile Five KittensIn June 2013, just one year ago exactly, you helped us confront an unbelievable tragedy in North Ridgeville, Ohio—where “Humane” Officer Barry Accorti killed five kittens. “The woodpile five,” as they came to be known, were shot in a resident’s backyard while children watched. Together, we brought national attention to the incident and thought we’d reached a resolution.

But just last week, the same humane officer was at it again. Almost a year to the day, Accorti trapped a defenseless baby raccoon and shot and killed her in the cage, again with children as an audience.

Please join us in calling for the dismissal of Humane Officer Barry Accorti and his supervisor Police Chief Michael Freeman.


  • Robert Arndt
  • Dennis Boose
  • Bernadine Butkowski
  • Kevin Corcoran
  • Mayor David Gillock
  • Roseanne Johnson
  • Bob Olesen


Immediate Action Necessary -- Humane Officer Accorti

Dear [Decision Maker],

I closely monitored the scandal that involved a North Ridgeville Humane Officer shooting and killing five kittens in June 2013--while a group of children looked on. I am deeply concerned that a similar action has happened again, almost a year to the day of the original shooting.

It is clear the Humane Officer Barry Accorti and Police Chief Michael Freeman are unable to implement humane animal care, and therefore I respectfully ask that these two individuals be immediately dismissed from their positions. The fact that a duplicate incident has arisen, with the same officer--who was, against advisement, permitted to keep his job--and the same supervisor, demonstrates how little action was taken after last year's cruel event.

It is clear that North Ridgeville has failed to institute the humane policies your citizens so desperately want. Humane policies must be enacted and followed in North Ridgeville, for the safety of not only animals, but also your town's residents and children.

I hope that you act swiftly in addressing these concerns--and be aware that the nation is watching.

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