New Jersey Residents: Help Ban Declawing


This action is ONLY for residents of New Jersey

New Jersey lawmakers could soon ban the practice of declawing cats! Both houses of the state’s legislature are considering bills that would prohibit this cruel surgery. The Assembly Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources is considering A347 and the Senate Committee on Economic Growth is considering S1209. Declawing is a painful process that involves amputating the last bone on cats’ toes, and can cause harmful long-term effects on cats’ well-being. People usually declaw cats to stop them from scratching—not because the procedure is medically needed or has any benefits for the cats. Declawing is an unnecessary surgery, as there are many safe, humane, and affordable alternatives available.

Tell your legislators to ban this cruel practice in New Jersey.


  • State Representative Parker Space
  • State Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez
  • State Representative Bob Andrzejczak
  • State Representative Adam J. Taliaferro
  • State Representative Ronald 'Ron' S. Dancer
  • State Representative Eric Houghtaling
  • State Senator Vin Gopal
  • State Senator Steven V. Oroho
  • State Senator Joseph 'Joe' Pennacchio


Please Support A347 & S1209

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a resident of New Jersey, I ask that you please support bills A347 and S1209. If enacted into law, these bills would prohibit the declawing of cats, a cruel and painful procedure that involves amputating the last bone on each of a cat's toes--the equivalent of cutting off a person's finger to the first knuckle.

Many U.S. cities, including Denver and 8 cities in California, have already banned declawing. At least 42 countries, including Switzerland, Israel, and England, also have prohibited declawing. New Jersey would be at the forefront of this movement as the first state to ensure that cats will no longer be put through this inhumane and painful procedure. I urge you to support A347 and S1209.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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