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Prince George's County, You Did It!

Good news: thanks to you, cats in Trap-Neuter-Return programs in Prince George’s County are now protected! We’re thrilled to inform you that on November 20, the Prince George's County Council adopted a bill introduced by Council Member Mary Lehman to protect eartipped cats. The bill passed overwhelmingly by a vote of 7 to 1.

Under this new lifesaving law, if eartipped cats in Trap-Neuter-Return programs are trapped by animal control, most will be immediately returned to their home outdoors—not impounded or killed in shelters. Any eartipped cat entering the Prince George's County shelter will have the opportunity to be rescued by a local TNR organization.

Thank you to Council Member Lehman for sponsoring this bill, to other Councilmembers for endorsing the legislation, and everyone who took action to protect the cats of Prince George's County. Congratulations on this victory for the cats!

Prince George's County, MD Residents: Support TNR

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PG, MD TNR Funding

Protect Trap-Neuter-Return in Washington, D.C.

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Washington D.C.'s District Dept. of Energy and Environment's "Wildlife Action Plan" wants to "revisit" the policy on TNR, which D.C. has sanctioned for years. Tell D.C. that you support TNR and don't want cats rounded up and killed.


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For decades, cats have been routinely rounded up and killed in shelters as fall guys for bird population declines.

Take Action: North Ridgeville, Ohio Animal Control Policies Need to Change

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In June 2013, you helped us confront an unbelievable tragedy in North Ridgeville, Ohio--where Humane Officer Barry Accorti shot and killed five kittens. Now, he's at it again, and it's time to demand humane policies for all animals.