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Support Statewide Spay/Neuter Bill

Black and White Eartipped CatACTION UPDATE: Good News! Maryland House of Delegates Overwhelmingly Passes Spay/Neuter Bill.

Alley Cat Allies is happy to report that on Monday, March 18, the House of Delegates voted overwhelmingly 113-23 to pass the spay/neuter bill. Thank you to all who reached out to their Delegates about this important bill.

In order to become law, the spay/neuter bill must also pass the Maryland Senate. If you have not already contacted your Senator about the bill, please TAKE ACTION to ask for their support.


This action is ONLY for residents of Maryland

This groundbreaking bill will save the lives of countless animals across your state—and Maryland's animals need you to support it!

This bill will establish a fund to provide spay/neuter services for Maryland pets. Funds will be awarded to local spay/neuter clinics and low-income residents.

This message will be sent to your Maryland State Delegates.

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