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Urge Your Miami-Dade Elected Officials to Save Thousands of Animals' Lives

Update: Miami-Dade Commissioners Reject Funding for Pets’ Trust

Despite all your calls and emails, Miami-Dade County Commissioners have voted to reject funding for Pets’ Trust. Unfortunately, without funding, this plan that would have saved thousands of animals’ lives every year will not move forward.

We’re especially disappointed because, until recently, Miami-Dade officials strongly supported this measure. This June, the Miami-Dade County Commissioners voted 12-0 in support of Pets’ Trust. In July, Mayor Carlos Gimenez accepted the Pets’ Trust plan. A day later, he backtracked and threatened to cut the program’s funding.

Thank you for your efforts to support Pet’s Trust. This shows that Miamians care about animals—and are willing to speak out to help save their lives. While there may not be progress on Pets’ Trust right now, Alley Cat Allies and many others will continue to push for humane policies for animals in your community.

Urge Your Mayor and Commissioners to Support a Fully FundedOriginal Issue:
This action is ONLY for residents of Miami-Dade County.

On election day last fall, two-thirds of Miami residents voted for the Pets’ Trust Ballot Measure, an innovative plan that would save the lives of thousands of cats and dogs in Miami every year and implement humane and effective programs for community cats. Now Mayor Carlos Gimenez is threatening to cut the program’s funding and not honor voter approval of this lifesaving initiative.

All major animal organizations in the Miami area support Pets’ Trust, and in June, Miami-Dade Commissioners voted unanimously to support the Mayor’s original plan of action for the initiative. On Tuesday, July 9, the Mayor proposed a budget that included a fully funded Pets’ Trust. The very next day, he backpedaled and slashed the funding for Pets’ Trust.

Stand up for the animals and for your vote! Ask the Mayor and Commissioner to support a fully funded Pets’ Trust!

This message will be sent to Mayor Carlos Gimenez and your Miami-Dade County Commissioner.

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For decades, cats have been routinely rounded up and killed in shelters as fall guys for bird population declines.

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