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Ask Hillsborough County Commissioners to Adopt a Positive Ordinance for Community Cats

Update: Good News! Hillsborough County Commissioners Remove Dangerous Proposed Provisions from Trap-Neuter-Return Ordinance

Good news! On December 18, Hillsborough County commissioners enacted a Trap-Neuter-Return ordinance by a 6-1 margin. Feral cat caregivers now have legal protection for the valuable community service they perform.

The commissioners made some, but not all, of the changes that Alley Cat Allies requested to the ordinance. They removed some dangerous provisions, including the requirement to make caregivers' names public. Alley Cat Allies will monitor the implementation of the ordinance to ensure it is used to support—not discourage—humane care for cats.

Thank you to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and the Animal Coalition of Tampa, to everyone who contacted their commissioners, and to all who care for cats!

Original Issue:
This action alert is ONLY for residents of Hillsborough County, Florida.

hillsboroughcat_thumb.jpgOn Wednesday, December 18, Hillsborough County commissioners will vote on amendments to Hillsborough County’s animal control ordinance—and their vote could either help cats, or hurt them.

Two weeks ago, the commissioners gave 6-1 approval on a very positive ordinance that would support and encourage Trap-Neuter-Return for feral, or “community,” cats. But the latest proposal contains dangerous provisions that would make it harder for community cat caregivers to care for cats and carry out TNR.

Under the new proposal, compassionate people who volunteer their time and money to care for cats would be required to make their names public and be subjected to extra costs and severe restrictions on where they can perform TNR. If this ordinance passes, caregivers would likely be afraid to carry out TNR, which would be harmful for cats and the community.

There’s no time to waste. Urge your commissioners to vote for the earlier, positive ordinance, not the latest version that excessively regulates community cat caregivers.

This message will be sent to Hillsborough County Commissioners, the County Administrator Mike Merrill, and the Hillsborough County Community Cat Comment Line.