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Antioch, Calif.: Ask City Council to Reject Anti-TNR Ordinance

UPDATE: The Antioch City Council voted in favor of a feeding ban.

Sadly, the council voted 4-1 to support a feeding ban. The good news is that the city is still open to the possibility of allowing feeding stations in certain areas, so we will continue pressing for ordinances that support Trap-Neuter-Return and cat caregivers in Antioch.

Thank you to everyone who contacted councilmembers or attended the council meeting to protect Antioch’s community cats!

antioch_action.jpgOriginal Issue:

This action is ONLY for residents of Antioch, Calif.

The Antioch City Council is considering an ordinance that would impose a pet limit law and restrict the feeding of community cats. Laws like this can be used to hinder Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) efforts.

Both parts of this ordinance are a serious threat to Antioch’s community cats. Feeding bans can deprive cats of their regular food source and do nothing to stabilize or reduce the population. Without being able to feed and care for the cats, TNR is impossible. A pet limit law could punish compassionate citizens who care for community cats.

This pointless ordinance wastes tax payer dollars on punishing volunteer caregivers who spend their time and money making the community a better place for cats and people. Please contact your City Council members and let them know that this restrictive ordinance will do nothing to help stabilize or reduce the community’s cat population.

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